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Advanced Dental Technology for Improved Results

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Comprehensive Dentistry Using the Latest Dental Technologies

Receiving dental care in Brownstown, MI, from a dentist that uses the latest in advanced dental technology means you can enjoy a higher level of care. At Brownstown Dental Care we are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of care for all our patients and stay up to date on the latest dental technologies, protocols, and techniques.

In addition to performing advanced procedures, such as dental implants and same-day full arch procedures, we perform minimally invasive procedures using laser technology and advanced dental technology that helps us perform procedures with a high degree of accuracy. We use digital x-ray systems and modern cameras at our practice to produce high-quality images and captures of the mouth and jaw. Our office is equipped with dental lasers to perform a wide range of restorative and general dentistry procedures.

Advanced Dental Technology at Our Practice

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Get Comprehensive Care from an Experienced Dentist

Dr. Hanson has extensive experience working on all types of dental cases and uses advanced dental technology to achieve improved results. Our lasers, digital x-ray systems, and piezosurgery technologies allow us to perform a number of procedures in a single visit and also reduce the risk for re-treatment. Dr. Hanson has completed advanced training to bring these dental innovations to the practice and stays up to date on the latest advancements in the industry to ensure our patients receive a high level of care. We also offer sedation dentistry  to make dental visits more comfortable for the patient.

Becoming a patient at our practice means you can count on Dr. Hanson’s years of experience and look forward to comprehensive dental care from an experienced team. Whether you need treatment for gum disease or are ready to replace missing teeth with dental implants, turn to Dr. Hanson for predictable results and a high standard of care every step of the way.

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