Dental Implant FAQs - Brownstown, MI

Dental Implant FAQs

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Important Facts About Dental Implants

Many patients seek out dental implant FAQ information when they are deciding if dental implants are right for them or when they want to learn more about tooth replacement procedures. We can answer all of your questions during your consultation at our practice in Brownstown, MI, but below are some dental implant FAQs:

We can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth with dental implants. We also offer implant supported dentures  and full arch dental implants  for patients that need several or all of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw replaced.

Some insurance companies will cover a portion or all the costs of dental implant surgery. They may also cover pre-operative procedures, such as a sinus lift or bone grafting. We can review your benefits coverage before your treatment begins.

Our dentist, Dr. Benjamin Hanson, received a Doctorate Degree in Dental Surgery at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and has extensive experience performing dental implant surgery.

In addition to serving as a general dentist in Brownstown, MI, Dr. Hanson is the sole Clinical Director of Implantology for Heartland Dental which supports over 800 dentistry practices. He places hundreds of dental implants a year and has worked on all types of tooth replacement cases.

The dental implant placement procedure is performed in one visit but you will need to come back for a checkup and for the final implant restoration. If you end up needing a bone graft or other procedures before the placement procedure, you will need to plan for a few visits.

Dental implant surgery is performed in our office under IV sedation  so most patients find it to be tolerable. Dr. Hanson and our team work hard to ensure patient comfort with any procedure and will walk you through the process so you know what to expect. Any post-op pain you experience is easy to manage with over-the-counter pain relievers and by placing an ice compress around the treated area.

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