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Look Forward to Pain-Free Visits with IV Sedation

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IV Sedation Makes Dental Visits More Manageable

If you’ve ever postponed dental visits because of fear of pain or dental anxiety, talk to our team about sedation dentistry options available at our Brownstown, MI, practice. We offer Relacs IV sedation to many patients who have a fear of going to the dentist and for those who are undergoing more aggressive procedures. Administering a relaxant and sedative intravenously can help you stay calm and relaxed throughout a longer treatment while staying awake.

We have found that this form of sedation has fewer side effects than general anesthesia and is well tolerated by almost all patients. Patients are monitored throughout treatment so there are fewer risks. Most patients feel very sleepy and in a ‘twilight zone’, which is why this form of sedation is also called twilight sedation. In some cases, patients experience some level of amnesia so they don’t recall much, if any, discomfort from treatment or the procedure itself.

Benefits of IV Sedation

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Sixty percent of people suffer from some form of dental anxiety
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Sixteen percent of people do not visit the dentist out of fear
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Thirty-one percent of adults ages
20-44 have untreated cavities

Getting Dental Treatment with IV Sedation

Whether you are getting dental implants or having multiple teeth extracted, IV sedation can help you get through your treatment plan with ease. The treatment only takes a few minutes to set up and starts to work as the medication gets into the bloodstream. Most patients report feeling very drowsy and tired but they are still awake and comfortable. IV sedation not only eliminates the sensation of pain but also reduces anxiety. This can make it easier to get numb with local anesthetic.

Many patients who have a fear of needles or other dental equipment do not feel any fear at all with sedation. This helps us perform all the necessary procedures without causing discomfort and anxiety. In addition, IV sedation is a reliable option for helping patients be relatively unaware of the procedure because it induces a state of amnesia. Even though the patient is very relaxed, they can still respond to the doctor throughout the treatment.

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If you have dental anxiety or fear of going to the dentist, IV sedation might be an option for you. Learn more by scheduling your consultation today.