Dr Nikki Moshiri - Brownstown, MI

Dr Nikki Moshiri

Hello, My name is Dr Nikki Moshiri and I am excited to start my northern journey with my new dental family at Brownstown Dental Care. Born and Raised just across the Detroit River in Windsor, Ontario, following my undergraduate studies at the University of Windsor, I travelled to south Florida to begin dental school.

I spent half my years in Florida in Fort Lauderdale, and the other half practicing in Orlando and its surrounding counties.

Despite the change in temperature, I am glad to be back home. I am excited to couple with Dr Hansen in order to provide our patients with comprehensive dentistry that will address all of their needs.

Often I am asked what is my favorite part about dentistry. My response is, Making Smiles. Whether it be addressing and relieving the source of pain, a chipped tooth, an Invisalign or Smile makeover reveal, or a happy visit for our little ones, Making smiles for families is why I chose Dentistry.

Areas I’ve sought significant continued education and focus are Invisalign, and Smile Design Makeovers. I have travelled to Costa Rica to the Invisalign Headquarters in order to meet with staff there to ensure we are coordinated to provide our patients with world class service. If Invisalign isn’t something for you, I would love to review a Smile Design consultation with you or a loved one using digital technology to get you your unique, personalized Hollywood Smile. 

I look forward to meeting with you all.


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